We understand that in today’s attention economy, even the most gifted people have a ~0.01% chance of being acknowledged by the people that matter most, the people who can take your career the furthest. Usually, it takes many years to leverage your talent profitably. Most times it never happens. We can help you be recognized instantaneously.

If you Ace the test, you’ll skip the queue to the prized opportunity you’ve always wanted.

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How it Works

If you believe you have what it takes to succeed in your field if only you can be seen, and potentially invested in by “the right people”, then this is how to participate:

Each test has been developed alongside industry leaders. Our testing system is automated and will then certify whether you have what it takes.

Each test is a series of questions which you must answer within a limited time period. You may be asked to watch a video clip or read a passage of literature. You are then asked to “spot the genius” after each piece of content is presented to you. You will be notified of the outcome of your assessment within 24 hours.

We have developed specific tests aimed at assessing rare talent potential.

Currently we offer this test for:

First attempt FREE when using the promo code “TINT-ACE"

Sales Copywriters
Transactional Corporate Lawyers
Mixed Martial Artists

First attempt FREE when using the promo code “TINT-ACE"

What happens after the test?

Within 24 hours of taking the test, we will reach out to you on the details provided to us. We will inform you of the outcome of your assessment. If you have not been successful, you are more than welcome to try again.

You have a maximum of 5 chances at each game. The first attempt is free, but subsequent attempts will cost R299 per game.

If your assessment has met our requirements, we will reach out to get your further information for purposes of the verification steps and thereafter putting you in front of the opportunity your rare talent deserves.


The Test

What is TINT?
What talent categories do you offer?
Why take the TINT Assessments?
Why does it work?
How do the TINT Assessments work?
Are TINT Assessments independently certified?
Is “talent” consistent across cultures/regions?
What is TINT’s guarantee?
Why me and why now?

Next Steps?

What happens when I Ace the TINT Assessment?
If I don’t Ace the TINT Assessment?

Success Stories

James I passed the TINT copywriting Game, and was contacted by Facebook (themselves) who offered me an opportunity beyond my dreams
Ezra Having validated the TINT law assessment platform – our top ranked law firm now uses a white-labelled version to filter raw rare talent candidates for our firm

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